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ChemicalDataObject Class Reference

#include <chemicaldataobject.h>

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Public Types

enum  BlueObelisk {
  atomicNumber = 0, symbol, name, mass,
  exactMass, ionization, electronAffinity, electronegativityPauling,
  radiusCovalent, radiusVDW, meltingpoint, boilingpoint,
  periodTableBlock, family, acidicbehaviour, crystalstructure,
  electronicConfiguration, group, nameOrigin, orbit,
  period, date, discoverers, relativeAbundance,
  spin, magneticMoment, halfLife, alphaDecayLikeliness,
  alphaDecay, betaplusDecayLikeliness, betaplusDecay, betaminusDecayLikeliness,
  betaminusDecay, ecDecayLikeliness, ecDecay, dangerSymbol,
  RPhrase, SPhrase, discoveryCountry, oxidation

Public Member Functions

 ChemicalDataObject ()
 ChemicalDataObject (const QVariant &v, BlueObelisk type, const QVariant &errorValue=QVariant(0))
 ChemicalDataObject (const ChemicalDataObject &other)
QVariant errorValue () const
bool operator!= (const ChemicalDataObject &other) const
ChemicalDataObjectoperator= (const ChemicalDataObject &other)
bool operator== (const QString &v) const
bool operator== (const ChemicalDataObject &other) const
bool operator== (const bool v) const
bool operator== (const int v) const
bool operator== (const double v) const
void setData (const QVariant &v)
void setErrorValue (const QVariant &v)
void setType (BlueObelisk type)
void setType (int type)
void setUnit (int unit)
BlueObelisk type () const
int unit () const
QString unitAsString () const
QVariant value () const
QString valueAsString () const
 ~ChemicalDataObject ()

Private Attributes

< ChemicalDataObjectPrivate

Detailed Description

A ChemicalDataObject is an object which contains information about a chemical element. This can for example be a boiling point. The information is stored in a QVariant. This class supports the CML-format defined by the BlueObelisk-Project.

Carsten Niehaus <cniehaus@kde.org>

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