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QVariant ChemicalDataObject::value (  ) const

Every ChemicalDataObject contains one data. For example a integer value which represents the boiling point. This method returns the value as a QVariant.

the value as a QVariant

Definition at line 133 of file chemicaldataobject.cpp.

Referenced by Isotope::alphadecay(), Isotope::alphalikeliness(), Isotope::betaminusdecay(), Isotope::betaminuslikeliness(), Isotope::betaplusdecay(), Isotope::betapluslikeliness(), Element::dataAsVariant(), Isotope::ecdecay(), Isotope::eclikeliness(), Isotope::halflife(), Isotope::magmoment(), Isotope::mass(), Isotope::nucleonsAfterDecay(), Isotope::parentElementNumber(), and Isotope::parentElementSymbol().

    return d->m_value;

Here is the caller graph for this function:

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