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Isotope Class Reference

#include <isotope.h>

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struct  Nucleons

Public Types


Public Member Functions

QString abundance () const
void addData (ChemicalDataObject o)
double alphadecay () const
double alphalikeliness () const
double betaminusdecay () const
double betaminuslikeliness () const
double betaplusdecay () const
double betapluslikeliness () const
double ecdecay () const
double eclikeliness () const
QString errorMargin () const
double halflife () const
QString halflifeUnit () const
 Isotope ()
QString magmoment () const
double mass () const
int nucleons () const
Isotope::Nucleons nucleonsAfterDecay (Decay kind)
int parentElementNumber () const
QString parentElementSymbol () const
void setNucleons (int number)
QString spin () const
 ~Isotope ()

Private Attributes

ChemicalDataObject m_abundance
ChemicalDataObject m_alphadecay
ChemicalDataObject m_alphalikeliness
ChemicalDataObject m_betaminusdecay
ChemicalDataObject m_betaminuslikeliness
ChemicalDataObject m_betaplusdecay
ChemicalDataObject m_betapluslikeliness
ChemicalDataObject m_ecdecay
ChemicalDataObject m_eclikeliness
ChemicalDataObject m_halflife
ChemicalDataObject m_identifier
ChemicalDataObject m_magmoment
ChemicalDataObject m_mass
int m_numberOfNucleons
ChemicalDataObject m_parentElementSymbol
ChemicalDataObject m_spin

Detailed Description

Carsten Niehaus

This class represents an Isotope with all its properties

Definition at line 32 of file isotope.h.

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