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concCalculator Class Reference

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Public Slots

void amtSoluteChanged ()
 occurs when the amount of solute is changed
void amtSoluteTypeChanged ()
 occurs when the type in which amount of solute is specified is changed
void amtSolventChanged ()
 occurs when the amount of solvent is changed
void amtSolventTypeChanged ()
 occurs when the type in which amount of solvent is specified is changed
void calculate ()
 occurs when any quantity is changed
void calculateAmtSolute ()
 Calculates the amount of solute.
void calculateAmtSolvent ()
 Calculates the amount of solvent.
void calculateConcentration ()
 calculates the concentration
void calculateEqtMass ()
 Calculates the equivalent mass.
void calculateMolarMass ()
 Calculates the molar mass.
void calculateMolarMassSolvent ()
 Calculates the calculate molar mass of the solvent.
void concentrationChanged ()
 occurs when the concentration is changed
double densitySolute ()
 returns density of solute in grams per liter
void densitySoluteChanged ()
 occurs when the number of moles is changed
double densitySolvent ()
 returns density of solvent in grams per liter
void densitySolventChanged ()
 occurs when the density of solvent is changed
void eqtMassChanged (double)
 occurs when the equivalent mass of solute is changed
double eqtsSolute ()
 returns the number of equivalents of solute
void error (int)
void init ()
 Performs initialisation of the class.
double massSolute ()
 returns mass of solute in grams
double massSolvent ()
 returns mass of solvent in grams
void molarMassChanged (double)
 occurs when the molar mass of solute is changed
void molarMassSolventChanged (double)
 occurs when the molar mass of solvent is changed
double molesSolute ()
 returns the number of moles of solute
double molesSolvent ()
 returns number of moles of solvent
void setMode (int)
double volumeSolute ()
 returns volume of solute in liters
double volumeSolvent ()
 returns volume of solvent in liters

Public Member Functions

 concCalculator (QWidget *parent=0)

Private Attributes

Value m_amtSolute
Value m_amtSolvent
double m_concentration
Value m_densitySolute
Value m_densitySolvent
double m_eqtMass
int m_mode
double m_molarMass
double m_molarMassSolvent
double m_molesSolute
double m_molesSolvent
Ui::concCalculator ui

Detailed Description

Definition at line 71 of file concCalculator.h.

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