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    copyright            : (C) 2009 by Kashyap R Puranik
    email                : kashthealien@gmail.com
 *                                                                         *
 *   This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify  *
 *   it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by  *
 *   the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or     *
 *   (at your option) any later version.                                   *
 *                                                                         *
#ifndef concentrationCalculator_HEADER
#define concentrationCalculator_HEADER

#include <KIcon>

#include <Plasma/PopupApplet>
#include <Plasma/Svg>
#include <kunitconversion/converter.h>
#include <kunitconversion/value.h>

#include "ui_concentrationCalculatorConfig.h"
namespace Plasma{
      class ComboBox;
      class SpinBox;
      class TextEdit;
      class Label;
      class Slider;
      class RadioButton;
      class PushButton;


using namespace KUnitConversion;

// Define our plasma Applet
00055 class concentrationCalculator : public Plasma::PopupApplet
        // Basic Create/Destroy
        concentrationCalculator(QObject *parent, const QVariantList &args);

        virtual void init();
        virtual QGraphicsWidget *graphicsWidget();

      public slots:
            // Sub-routines involved in calculations of the unit
          void calculateAmountSolute();       // Calculates the amount of solute
          void calculateAmountSolvent();      // Calculates the amount of solvent
          void calculateMolarMass();          // Calculates the molar mass
          void calculateEqtMass();            // Calculates the equivalent mass
          void calculateMolarMassSolvent();   // Calculates the calculate molar mass of the solvent
          void calculateConcentration();      // calculates the concentration

          // Functions ( slots ) that occur on changing a value
          // Sub routines which act as quantity change event handlers

          void amountSoluteChanged();         // occurs when the amount of solute is changed
          void amountSoluteTypeChanged();       // occurs when the mode of amount of solute is changed
          void amountSolventChanged();        // occurs when the amount of solvent is changed
          void amountSolventTypeChanged();      // occurs when the mode of amount of solvent is changed
          void molarMassChanged(int);         // occurs when the molar mass of solute is changed
          void eqtMassChanged(int);           // occurs when the equivalent mass of solute is changed
          void molarMassSolventChanged(int);  // occurs when the molar mass of solvent is changed
          void densitySoluteChanged();        // occurs when the number of moles is changed
          void densitySolventChanged();       // occurs when the density of solvent is changed
          void concentrationChanged(int);     // occurs when the concentration is changed
          void calculate();                   // occurs when any quantity is changed

          double volumeSolvent();             // returns volume of solvent in liters
          double massSolvent();               // returns mass of solvent in grams
          double molesSolvent();              // returns number of moles of solvent
          double densitySolvent();            // returns density of solvent in grams per liter
          double volumeSolute();              // returns volume of solute in liters
          double massSolute();                // returns mass of solute in grams
          double molesSolute();               // returns the number of moles of solute
          double eqtsSolute();                // returns the number of equivalents of solute
          double densitySolute();             // returns density of solute in grams per liter

             * outputs error messages on the screen
             * @param type is the type of error that occurred (refer ERROR_TYPE_CONC)
          void error(int type);

          /// Performs the initialisation for the class
          void reset();

           * Sets the mode of calculation eg, volume, amount of substance etc
           * @param mode is the mode of calculation.
          void setMode(int mode);
            void configChanged();

        void createConfigurationInterface(KConfigDialog *parent);
    protected slots:
        void configAccepted();

    Converter *m_converter;
        QGraphicsWidget  *m_widget;
        Plasma::ComboBox *m_amountSoluteType;
        Plasma::ComboBox *m_amountSoluteUnit;
        Plasma::ComboBox *m_amountSolventType;
        Plasma::ComboBox *m_amountSolventUnit;
        Plasma::ComboBox *m_densitySoluteUnit;
        Plasma::ComboBox *m_densitySolventUnit;
        Plasma::ComboBox *m_concentrationUnit;
        Plasma::ComboBox *m_calculationMode;

        Plasma::SpinBox *m_amountSolute;
        Plasma::SpinBox *m_molarMass;
        Plasma::SpinBox *m_eqtMass;
        Plasma::SpinBox *m_densitySolute;
        Plasma::SpinBox *m_amountSolvent;
        Plasma::SpinBox *m_molarMassSolvent;
        Plasma::SpinBox *m_densitySolvent;
        Plasma::SpinBox *m_concentration;
        Plasma::Label   *m_error;

        Plasma::PushButton *m_reset;

        Value m_AmtSolute;                          // amount of solute
          Value m_AmtSolvent;                         // amount of solvent
          double m_MolesSolute;                       // amount of solute in moles
          double m_MolesSolvent;                      // amount of solvent in moles
          double m_MolarMass;                         // molar mass of solute
          double m_EqtMass;                           // equivalent mass of solute
          double m_MolarMassSolvent;                  // molar mass of solvent
          Value m_DensitySolute;                      // density of solute
          Value m_DensitySolvent;                     // density of the solvent
          double m_Concentration;                     // concentration of the solution
          int     m_mode;                                                     // mode of calculation

          /// Designer Config file
00160         Ui::concentrationCalculatorConfig ui;
        bool m_configUpdated;
        // Indicates solute is always given in terms of mass
        bool m_soluteMass;                            // For configuration
        // Indicates solvent is always given in terms of volume
        bool m_solventVolume;                   // For configuration

// This is the command that links your applet to the .desktop file
K_EXPORT_PLASMA_APPLET(concentrationCalculator, concentrationCalculator)
#endif //concentrationCalculator_HEADER

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